for 2 women & 2 men

or 12 or more actors
for young audiences

Since ancient times, the name of Hercules has almost been synonymous with the word,  ‘hero’.  He was strong, virtuous, and almost invincible.  He was known for completing many amazing and superhuman deeds.  Twelve of these became known as the ‘Twelve Labors of Hercules’.  Winking Kat has decided to dramatize one of the less violent of these deeds and turned it into a fun and fast-paced comedy.   It features many creatures from Greek mythology such as nymphs, Poseidon, Atlas, and the Sphinx from ancient Egypt.

This production is very flexible to produce.  It can be performed with a very small cast or much larger cast on either a detailed or minimal set.  The colorful characters and the interaction with the audience make this a lively and well-received show..

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a crime-solving comedy in one act

for young audiences 
3 women & 2 men    

Everything is set for the Queen of Hearts’ garden party. The Mad Hatter and White Rabbit are there.  Even Alice has crashed the party.  But when the Cook serves up a tray of the Queen’s favorite dessert, strawberry tarts, one of the tarts is missing.  One of the party guests has taken a tart, but who?
The culprit has undoubtedly  left clues behind.  The characters and the audience are hot on the case to find the guilty party at the party before another tart goes missing and the Queen looses her temper.  No one wants to loose their head over a strawberry tart.

This play uses the characters from Lewis Carroll’s classic tale to weave a new plot while maintaining the zany logic and language of the original stories.   There is even a wild croquet match between Alice and the Queen that utilizes volunteers from the audience.

"A History of Washington State" proves that fact is often more fun and interesting than fiction.  This edited and humorous history is available in both graphic novel form and as a play to be performed for young audiences.