Bayou Bug Tales is based on the familiar Aesop fable of 'The Ant and the Grasshopper'.  

In this adaptation, the bugs not only have to deal with the change of season, but Clarissa, the caterpillar, and Bertram, the tadpole, are themselves changing.  It can be pretty scary. But with the help of their friends and some fun songs, they make it through all the changes and wind up just the way nature intended.
The Scarecrow is a musical adaptation of a short story by the Early American author, Washington Irving.  It is set beside the Catskill Mountains in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York.  The story is about a conceited mayor and his daughter who evict an old widow.  She gets her revenge, however, with the help of a scarecrow brought to life with the help of a magic clay pipe.  This comedy is a satire about pride and social manners.

This one-act script requires a minimum of 6 actors, but with ensemble can be expanded to 20 or 30.
The Legend of Robin Hood is a fun and fanciful adaptation of the classic swash-buckling tale of Robin Hood, champion of the people.  Surrounded by his friends, the Merry Men, and with the help of Maid Marion and her secret freedom fighters, Robin defeats the evil plans of King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The full-length script has opportunities for casts up to 45 or 50 but, with double casting, can be performed by 20 or less.
Soon to be available for production is Winking Kat's
original adaptation of Charles Perrault's classic story of
"Puss 'n Boots".  ​If you would like a synopsis or to order a perusal copy visit our contact page.
WINKING KAT brings to life this classic adventure tale of treasure and pirates, intrigue and adventure in a new musical adaptation for the stage and young audiences.

This musical adaptation can be performed by 4 energetic actors playing multiple roles or 14 or more actors.
It features 6 original songs.
A study guide is also available for parents and educators.