We are excited to expand our library of exciting and inventive stories with these titles for adults and teens.

Novels forAdults

INTROVERSE, a new novel by author,

Jeanine Lipp,  is now available through Amazon.com in paperback or for Kindle.

It is a fresh, coming of age story incorporating

fantasy and history as a young girl, Indigo, explores the mysterious facets of her past in order to understand her present. Published by

Winking Kat Books.  FOR MORE INFO

JEFF WALKER & MR. Bis the perfect novel to read at this

spooky, mysterious time of year. This modern re-telling of a short story by American author, Washington Irving, is both creepy and humorous with lots of social satire. Fast-paced and fun it will make your spine tingle. Available on Amazon.com or in bookstores. Contact us to find the bookstore nearest you.


​- Really scary to sell your soul to the devil. I could almost hear Rod Serling in the background warning that you're about to step into the Twilight Zone.

​-It read well and easy. It was just plain fun to read.

Novels for Young Adults & Teens

The Patch of Red Velvet

A time-travel, psychological mystery for young adults.  The first in The Travelers' Society series.

Stephanie finds an unusual carved stone hidden in a sculpture she buys at an estate sale and a box of seeming useless old trinkets. She soon accidentally finds that the stone is able to channel memories from the past owners that have been captured in the trinkets that belonged to them.  Transported to the court of Henry VI through the memories held in a patch of red velvet fabric, she finds herself in the middle of a plot to take the throne of England away from the mentally ill Henry VI and his wife Margaret of Anjou.  She needs the help of her friends, Mason and Tim to prevent the murder of a young innocent woman and her unborn child.