The collection on the right includes photos from productions of:

"Bayou Bug Tales", "The Artist's Brush", "Robin Hood", "Treasure Island", "Cinderella", and "The Dancing Princess".  Other available titles include: "The Day Zero Left Dodge", "Purrlie's Mission to the Milky Way", "The Town Mouse & The Country Mouse", "Hercules & The Golden Apple", "The Three Little Pigs", and many more. Contact us for a complete list and licensing information.

Began as a publishing company to produce scripts and musical scores for the plays written by Terence Levitt and P. Haines-Ainsworth. Over the past fifteen years, they have written over thirty plays that have been produced by schools, professional & non-professional theatre companies across the country.  Pat and Terry decided to publish their plays independently so they could work in tandem with teachers and producers customizing each play to fit the unique needs of each venue.  Titles range from adaptations of familiar fairy tales and folktales to fun, original stories with an emphasis on science, math, and other curriculum studies.

​Winking Kat Books