Winking Kat Books now offers collections of unique and colorful jigsaw puzzles for all ages.

We're excited to make these puzzles available through our new online store. 


1 - The cinders are your friends. Those little round, black shapes will help you make sure you are connecting the correct pieces even if similarly colored and shaped pieces seem to fit.

easy or challenging: winking kat offers jigsaw puzzles for all skill levels 

LOOKING at the world with a fresh point of view -

​our line of photographic puzzles

Let us point you to the clues we've placed into the Elements Series to help you complete the puzzles.

Our World View series features images from around the world.  Some breathtaking. Some humorous. Winking Kat's world view puzzles capture unique moments from locations around the globe like this amusing exchange between red-billed gulls in New Zealand.

We'll continue to add to this fun collection every month with new images and locales.

Puzzles are all 10" x 12" in size containing 240 carefully cut pieces.

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​Need some help?

2 - Look for the white, glowing outlines on some of the diagonal flame tracks and on the blue sections. They will help you make sure the segments align correctly. 

3 - This puzzle is very symmetrical. If a piece doesn't quite fit in one corner of the puzzle, check to see if it is a better fit on the exact opposite corner or side of the puzzle.


1 - Rainbows and Raindrops are your friends. Whether it's the raindrops in the foreground or the bright rainbow stripes in the background of the sky, these colors and shapes will help you organize your puzzle pieces and assembly.


1 -  When looking for border pieces, the thin outlines around the interior of the outer square are black. The vertical or horizontal interior outlines are blue. 

2 - Goldfish are your friends. Isolating and assembling the sections with goldfish will help piece together key sections of the puzzle.

3 - Scattered along the outer border are rectangular boxes of orange or navy blue.
They will help you find the correct position for pieces to link the outer and inner portions of the puzzle. 

2 - The background is graded from dark blue at the top to

light blue at the bottom of the puzzle. If you're stuck as to where a piece will fit, check the background color.

3 - The most difficult portions of this puzzle are the clouds and mist streaming across the design.  It is a good idea to save those sections for last so you can rely more on the shapes of the individual pieces instead of the colors. 

Winking Kat Books ​has created a series of colorful, abstract designs to represent the classical Greek elements. This Geometric Elements series illustrate Fire, Water, Air, and Water using bright colors and simple geometric shapes (circles, triangles, squares, etc)

​Each puzzle is 18" x 18"   (500 pieces)

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EARTH (the most challenging)

1 - The order in which you

assemble the sections of this

puzzle will help avoid

frustration. Compartmentalize.

2 - Once you assemble the outer border a good next move is to find and assemble the center vertical ribbon.  

3 - You may want to assemble the four identically patterned 'window panes' in another area until you sure which quadrant they belong in the puzzle.

4 - The horizontal bar across the middle of the puzzle has a thin black outline.  That can help you isolate those pieces from similar pieces that have the same chevron or snakeskin pattern that runs around the interior border.