"A History of Washington State in 45 minutes or less" ​currently in rehearsal with the fourth graders of Evergreen Academy in Bothell, WA.​​

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books for young readers and teens

 ​By request, Winking Kat is taking some of its most popular plays and translating them to chapter books and picture books for young readers.  These mulit-media books will soon be available.

non-musical & educational plays


New adaptations of folktales and fairy tales from around the world - perfect for a multi-cultural curriculum.  Original stories and plays to exercise math and problem-solving skills.


(one & two-act formats)

Winking Kat musical scripts for large and small casts can be customized for your production.  We make our scripts easy to follow - with large print for younger actors.  These scripts have been performance tested for families and young audiences.          


Winking Kat Books invites you to enter to win this beautiful silver pirate coin.  It's autumn and mystery and suspense are in the air.  For your chance to win, just photograph yourself reading a copy of "Jeff Walker and Mr. B" while eating a slice of lemon meringue pie.  Post the photo on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account with the hashtag,

#misterbandpie.  Each week we'll chose a photo and award a custom tee shirt to the reader.  On NOVEMBER 15, 2018 we'll choose a grand prize winner to receive this 2oz, solid silver coin.  So start enjoying some pie and posting the photos.  Copies of "Jeff Walker and Mister B" are available on Amazon.comOr if you are in the Seattle area,

at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park or at Village Books in Fairhaven.  




How Does This...

Equal This?

Plus This...

"The Scarecrow" ​non-musical, adaptation for cast of 40 students at Issaquah Middle School in Issaquah, WA.  Commissioned by Youth Theater Northwest.​​

Keep watching this website for news about our popular musical, "The Magic Hat", which we are adapting in book for young readers .



​"Thank YOU for everything. It has been a pleasure working with such a  flexible, student-centered playwright/publishing company!"
      Rachel Wolf Heyman
      Lower School Drama
      Brimmer and May School​​

"Bayou Bug Tales"

​performed by the fourth and fifth graders of Brimmer & May School in Chestnut Hill, MA.​​

photo from a production of "The Legend of Robin Hood by 4th & 5th Graders of the Brimmer & May School.  (photo courtesy of Timothy Wooster)

winking kat scripts RECENTLY PRODUCED

Some sweet reviews for "Jeff Walker & Mr. B" from readers at Amazon.com

​--- 'I could almost hear Rod Serling in the background warning that you're about to step into the Twilight Zone.'

--- 'Haines-Ainsworth has polished the tale nicely for grown-up audiences, and her characters' personalities and peccadillos made my adult self laugh and nod in world-weary recognition, but there were still plenty of gory details to make the kid in me shout "Ewww, gross!"

--- 'It was just plain fun to read.'

Winking Kat offers dozens of original plays and stories for young audiences

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