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The Artist's Brush, a musical audio play

For more information about Pat, her artwork, plays, & photography visit her official website. 

Winking Kat represents the work of P. Haines-Ainsworth and the talented artists, actors, & musicians who collaborate with her to create stories, music, games, and books for all ages.  Over the years, they have collaborated to write or adapt more than thirty  musical and non-musical plays young audiences and families.  These stories have been produced for both for live theatre and as audio plays via the Winking Kat Tales podcast.

A graphic designer and photographer, Pat has created some unique , original, and challenging puzzles to entertain and amuse.  She's also selected some of her favorite photos taken during travels around the world and created limited edition puzzles to share.  

Personally, Pat has been a professional artist, teacher, playwright, and actor for over forty years.

What is Winking Kat ?

Robin Hood, a musical audio play